Titan Wheels Expand Spraying Facility In Mildura


Titan Wheels Spraying layoutIn January this year Titan Wheels in Mildura, Victoria completed their innovative new spraying facility. The two steel hanging rigs were designed to improve efficiency, but more importantly worker safety.

Previously all wheels were being sprayed on the ground on cardboard sheeting. Although effective, this caused some strain for spray painters back and knees. As their workload has been steadily increasing, Production Manager Clinton Taylor could see they needed to make changes. "By hanging the wheels, sprayers can easily move around the wheel without any effort – plus the wheels dry much quicker without nearly any dust contamination".

With the installation of two new dry filter wall units sourced by Titan Wheels Spray painterBill Thomson from BodyShop Paint Supplies in Mildura, the new production line has been steaming ahead. Total carriage weight for the rigging system is 30 tone and has the capability to hold 80 wheels at any one time. Exciting new projects with various mining companies in Mackay and WA, has Clinton and his team busily manufacturing over 500 wheels for coal mine trailers. We couldn't be happier for them to be coated in the Valspar LIC coating.

Special thanks to Bill Thomson and his team at Bodyshop Paint Supplies in Mildura. Titan Wheels in Mildura were the first branch to use the LIC brand. This partnership in paint supply has since expanded into both Brisbane & Emerald branches of Titan Wheels!


Posted: February 2011


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